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Welcome to Kreta Consulting

Kreta is a marketing communication consultancy based in Mumbai that helps lay a strong foundation for corporate, product or service brands by advising on two things – the communication strategy and preparing the company itself to live up to the communication it sends out.

Kreta’s work works.

Our unique service is Brand Premiumisation, for small and medium brands in particular.

Our Services


For the post-COVID era

Our GTM consulting is about helping clients target the right consumer with the right product (or service), with a competitive price, with competitive messages, without cannibalising other products of the company, within stringent budgets and experimenting continuously to grow in the post-COVID scenario.

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Of corporate, product or service brands

Brand Premiumisation is branding++. It encompasses complete marketing strategy, innovation, organisational changes and branding. Under this service we consult the client on what to do to increase the price of his products and services. Objective of this service is to sell the price of a product or service.

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Plan, design, schedule, execute

We plan and execute campaigns for pharmaceutical brands. Content creation, visualisation, scheduling and monitoring form key parts of this service. For OTC brands we consult on consumer marketing and POSM. For new products and special promotions we also develop packaging under such campaigns.

Our pharma support


Websites, e-commerce, content support

We plan and execute campaigns for pharmaceutical brands. Content creation, visualisation, scheduling and monitoring form key parts of this service. For OTC brands we consult on consumer marketing and POSM. For new products and special promotions we also develop packaging under such campaigns.

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Labels, secondary pack, promo packs

Packaging is the only advertising which the consumer will surely see. With this belief we make packaging for consumer products, medicines and nutraceuticals. We mostly develop the secondary packaging, labels, stickers and samples. We factor the long term brand strategy while developing packaging.

Packaging done recently


All kinds of 2D designs

A bulb has to light up in someone’s head that makes the communication strategy come alive. That is graphic designing in Kreta Consulting. We provide design support to several brands and companies irrespective of whether we develop the strategy or write the content. Our designs work.

Graphic designing by Kreta


Offset printing in small and bulk quantities

Kreta Consulting undertakes two types of printing jobs – 1) Offset printing in small quantities, and 2) Bulk offset printing. We print office stationery as well as marketing props like leaflets, brochures, booklets, etc. We offer very attractive pricing and we work with the best printers of Mumbai.

Details of our printing service

Meet Our Consultants

Two highly skilled and experienced gentlemen.

Sumo Banerjee

Brand Premiumisation Consultant in-charge of strategy, digital and content writing

Sumo Banerjee Portrait 500 x 600

Sumo comes from the advertising planning background. He worked for ad agencies, like Grey, Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann-Erickson and Geometry Global (Ogilvy Group), between 1995 and 2015. He has been in FMCG and pharmaceutical advertising and marketing for quite a few years. In 2016 he started Kreta.

Sambhaji Khavare

Art Director in-charge of graphic designing, language translations and printing

Sambhaji Khavare

Sambhaji is a through and through graphic designer. Since 2004 he is involved in designing for pharmaceutical and non-pharma products and services. He met Sumo in 2005 in an agency and ever since they collaborated on all types of projects for Indian and foreign clients. Sambhaji is an expert in offset printing.

Why Kreta Consulting

Strategy Driven

The name Kreta comes from the Sanskrit word kreta (क्रेता) which means buyer or customer. Our work is entirely related to acquisition of customers and help them understand our clients’ brands better. We are uniquely qualified to create a comprehensive strategic framework for the brand and bring it to life through communication pieces. It creates the image of a ‘one brand talking’. It helps our clients, small and medium businesses, face competition better.

Brand Premiumisation

We are one of the rarest few who can plan and execute a premiumisation campaign for a brand. The client best understands his brand. We understand what all needs to be done to get the rightful price for his product. It is slightly different from a regular branding exercise. Big ad agencies know those tricks. We know them as well. They work in B2C, B2B and B2B2C environments equally well.


‘Kreta’s work works.’

Dear Mr. Banerjee,
Let me take this opportunity to place on record our gratitude and appreciation for your creative work for making the logo of our Institute and putting a ‘perfect’ story line highlighting about the Institute as well as the cow-wealth. Thank you very much.

Dr. Abhijit Mitra, Director, ICAR-Central Institute for Research on Cattle, Meerut

My company Petrof Refining Technologies worked with Sumo for planning of some new projects. I was amazed by his ability of planning the whole project. He helped us craft our pitch, our positioning and our organisation par se. I learned a lot from my association with him. Great going!
Thank you.

Mr. Mahesh D. Bobadi, Managing Director, Petrof Refining Technologies, Mumbai

At Gras Impex Pvt. Ltd., Sumo helped transform our entity into one that isn’t just a mere distributor but is also a unique marketeer and service provider. Through his consultancy he gave us direction and helped us systemise our communication to our target audience. Gras-I intelligent surface solutions is a brand identity given to us by Sumo and we go by this name in the market today.

Mr. Sanjiv Zaveri, Managing Director, Gras-i, Mumbai

Sumo Banerjee of Kreta is working with us as our digital marketing consultant. He brings with him a lot of originality & creativity. He brings a lot of clarity of thought & concepts. He is somebody who compels you to think on your core business philosophy, it’s relevance today, and how to take it forward in future. He is a marketing maestro who brings clarity through slogans or punchlines. “Prevent The Preventable” is the new tag line given to us by Sumo. And this tag line has changed our thought process and outlook towards our business. Thanks Sumo for helping us in our journey.

Mr. Shyam Sunder Singh, Managing Director, Septalyst LifeSciences, Mumbai

Dear Sumo,

I am writing this email as a personal reference to your association with Manek Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. as a Brand Premiumisation Consultant. In a fast changing scenario of our industry, you have helped us find a clear path to position ourselves (purpose of the brand) through streamlining all our outgoing communication – marketing as well as customer care with existing & prospective clients. This has not only improved the thinking internally but also helped us increase the per capita revenue from each client, which is a clear indication towards premiumisation of the brand.

We are happy to have found you. Keep the good work going!! Best Wishes.

Mr. Sonesh Dedhia, Managing Director, Manek Financial, Mumbai

We worked with Kreta on some new business projects. We were impressed by their intellectual capacity in addressing complex marketing communication matters. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kreta even when we were so far apart geographically. Sumo’s vast international experience with leading global companies is a valuable asset. I wish them good luck.

Mr. S. Chakraborty, Managing Director, AMC Overseas, Dubai